Modern to Primal: My Evolution to Proper Nutrition and Elite Fitness

blc week 6
July 22, 2009, 7:59 pm
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scaleThis past week saw a loss of 1.5 lbs, which equates to .79%. I’m still in the overall lead, having lost 8.09% of my initial weight. I’m happy about this, as each week I look ever more forward to getting my Vibrams!!!

As for the most important part of all this, I still find that I have a lot more energy, and I FEEL like a thin person. I was rather apathetic about exercise until just this week when I discovered CrossFit. I’ve got an appointment at the local CF gym in Minneapolis on Friday afternoon. If there’s one thing I hate, and am notoriously bad at, it’s boring cardio workouts (other than simple walking or cycling). Strength training has been the only type of exercise that I really enjoy, as the rewards are visible. Since CrossFit is geared toward functional strength, I figured this would help me stay motivated as it’s more of a guiding principle for health, wellness and agility rather than a strict and rigid formula for ‘toning’ or ‘sculpting.’

I tried some weightlifting in the gym at work yesterday. After a brief warm-up on the stationary bike, I did some barbell sqats and deadlifts with about 15 pounds on each side. Then I took a 15 lb free weight (the kind that goes on the bar), held it above my head and did 10 lunges. O.M.G. That was about all I could handle at that point. I’m sore as hell today, but I can tell that I worked just about all of my muscle groups in that short amount of time. My whole body is sore (but it feels so good!)


blc week 5
July 15, 2009, 5:05 pm
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medical-weight-loss-programI just said goodbye and good riddance to another 3 pounds this week. As a ballpark figure, my food intake consists of roughly 50% fat, 40% protein and 10% carbohydrate, but the percentages vary daily.  I’ve added minimal amounts of activity to my day, which consists of using the stairs as much as possible at work, parking farther away, and taking Ellie for walks a couple times a week. I’m going to start incorporating strength training twice a week in the gym at work, which will help build lean muscle mass.

More than anything else, I’m feeling so good. I feel like a thin person, because I don’t have the constant bloating and inflammation. I’m spending less time concentrating on how I look, and more time on how I feel (energy levels, moods, etc.) I’m also taking Vitamin D3 supplements since I don’t get nearly enough sunlight (this should really help during the winter months).

Update: As for the contest, I’m the winner for the week, and am also ahead of the group, having lost a total of 7.35% of my total body weight. I have plans to get a full blood workup done once I’ve lost 10%. I’d like to see where my fasting glucose is at, as well as my HDL/LDL and triglycerides.