Modern to Primal: My Evolution to Proper Nutrition and Elite Fitness

July 28, 2009, 8:26 pm
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hungry-girlI have this well-meaning aunt that knows I’ve struggled with my weight for some time, and has recently been forwarding me some nutrition/diet tips from this website called Hungry Girl ( It’s all the standard CW bullshit, and I cringe at all of the ‘healthy’ suggestions they list. Check out their ‘healthy’ mac ‘n’ cheese (using heart healthy whole grain pasta, of course!):

Serving Size: 1 serving (about 1/3rd of the package), prepared according to classic box instructions
Calories: 410
Fat: 19g
Sodium: 710mg
Carbs: 49g
Fiber: 1g
Sugars: 7g
Protein: 10g

It always makes me roll my eyes when I see dieters trying to justify a sugar/carb binge as healthy when it’s low fat. Check it:

HG News You Can Use! Holey Donuts! makes really great-tasting low-fat donuts & reduced-fat cinnamon buns — and the donut co. is wrapping up a FANTASTIC contest right now. Five winners will each win three boxes of yummy low-fat donuts…

Well, shit…if the donut is LOW FAT that must mean it’s healthy, right?! No mention of the sugar content, because sugar is apparently a non-factor. Always looking for a way to deceive ourselves into thinking we’re making good choices.

And…the worst one:

Post’s Bowls of Hope Program – Want to chew for a cause? Chew on this… Until the end of ’09, Post will donate one bowl of cereal to Feeding America for every purchase of specially marked Post Shredded Wheat cereal (up to 15 million bowls!).

Great! Feed the world sugary, nutritionally-void pseudo food! Thanks, Post! Grr. So now I wonder if I should bother saying anything to my aunt. If she found out that I’m following a high-fat (saturated, even!), low-carb nutritional plan, she’d probably freak out. I haven’t told many people about it, as they tend to give me looks of disapproval and bewilderment and subtle, “Just be careful” warnings. I’ve not felt this good in a very long time, so I’m not worried about the approval of others, but it does get old feeling like you have to justify the way you eat.