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barefoot and primal
July 17, 2009, 5:05 am
Filed under: Clothing & Athletic Wear

vibram five fingers

I love walking barefoot, especially in cool grass, smooth sand, and over large stones and boulders. I’ve never really enjoyed wearing shoes, particularly uncomfortable ones like pumps, heels and boots. Hence, the reason I usually buy flats. However, to save money, I usually buy poor quality shoes that end up falling apart rather quickly. In my new zest for all things organic and ‘primal,’ I stumbled on this new barefoot/shoe concept called Vibram Five Fingers. It’s basically a lightweight slip-on with a rubber sole and individual spaces for your toes. They are supposed to be the closest thing to going barefoot with added protection.  Apparently, our feet become very unhealthy after years of stuffing them in overly padded footwear.

If I manage to take home the BLC prize of $260, I’m thinking of investing in a pair of Vibram’s.