Modern to Primal: My Evolution to Proper Nutrition and Elite Fitness

crossfit, workout #2
August 10, 2009, 6:24 pm
Filed under: CrossFit, Fitness

My sister and I went back to the CrossFit gym last Friday morning, and Tyler had us do the following WOD:

250M row, 10 medicine ball throws, 10 box jumps – 3 sets for time

We warmed up with squats and kettlebell swings. I completed my WOD in just over 7 minutes and Meredith just under 10. The intensity wasn’t as bad this time, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. It most likely means we could have pushed ourselves a lot harder.  I had to do the box jumps on the weightlifting platform instead of the actual box, as my glutes had a sharp pain when I stretched and landed. We also practiced proper form with a PVC pipe for when we start doing weightlifing.

Tyler (our coach) is going to be gone this week, so he emailed me a couple WOD’s that we can do while he’s gone. We’ll be back in the gym next week. I’m feeling good! 22 pounds down since June!


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