Modern to Primal: My Evolution to Proper Nutrition and Elite Fitness

blc week 6
July 22, 2009, 7:59 pm
Filed under: BLC Contest, CrossFit, Fitness, Weight Loss

scaleThis past week saw a loss of 1.5 lbs, which equates to .79%. I’m still in the overall lead, having lost 8.09% of my initial weight. I’m happy about this, as each week I look ever more forward to getting my Vibrams!!!

As for the most important part of all this, I still find that I have a lot more energy, and I FEEL like a thin person. I was rather apathetic about exercise until just this week when I discovered CrossFit. I’ve got an appointment at the local CF gym in Minneapolis on Friday afternoon. If there’s one thing I hate, and am notoriously bad at, it’s boring cardio workouts (other than simple walking or cycling). Strength training has been the only type of exercise that I really enjoy, as the rewards are visible. Since CrossFit is geared toward functional strength, I figured this would help me stay motivated as it’s more of a guiding principle for health, wellness and agility rather than a strict and rigid formula for ‘toning’ or ‘sculpting.’

I tried some weightlifting in the gym at work yesterday. After a brief warm-up on the stationary bike, I did some barbell sqats and deadlifts with about 15 pounds on each side. Then I took a 15 lb free weight (the kind that goes on the bar), held it above my head and did 10 lunges. O.M.G. That was about all I could handle at that point. I’m sore as hell today, but I can tell that I worked just about all of my muscle groups in that short amount of time. My whole body is sore (but it feels so good!)


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