Modern to Primal: My Evolution to Proper Nutrition and Elite Fitness

primal grocery shopping
July 16, 2009, 1:54 am
Filed under: Food


Pictured: heavy whipping cream (for coffee and recipes), coconut milk (for smoothies), eggs (these are from industrial, caged hens, but waddyagonnado?), pastured butter (yay! I finally found some!), and uncured bacon (nitrate/ite free). Not pictured: sardines in water (for those Omega-3’s!).

I picked up a few staple items at Kowalski’s after work tonight. To the average person following conventional nutritional wisdom, these items are going to likely send you into a tizzy. You’ll think, “OMG! Arterycloggingsaturatedfat!  Where are the heart-healthy whole grains?!” So as not to sound completely elitist and smug, I thought the same thing until I did some research. I used to be as anti-low-carb as they come. For more in-depth info on that, follow any of the links on the left side of my blog.

I have so much fun shopping nowadays, as I don’t waste money on junk, and don’t feel the uncontrollable cravings for them while I’m there.


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