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so long, fructose.
July 13, 2009, 6:17 pm
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fresh honey with honeycomb, spices and fruitsThe latest post by Dr. William Davis of the Heart Scan Blog has cited a study that implicates fructose in a whole host of health problems including fat accumulation, raised LDL cholesterol, and leptin resistance. I guess that means no more raw honey for me (or at least, much much less of it). Curse my neverending sweet tooth! More on that, later.

Compared to glucose, fructose induced:

1) Four-fold greater intra-abdominal fat accumulation–3% increased intra-abdominal fat with glucose; 14.4% with fructose. (Intraabdominal fat is the variety that blocks insulin responses and causes diabetes and inflammation.)

2) 13.9% increase in LDL cholesterol but doubled Apoprotein B (an index of the number of LDL particles, similar to NMR LDL particle number).

3) 44.9% increase in small LDL, compared to 13.3% with glucose.

4) While glucose (curiously) reduced the net postprandial (after-eating) triglyceride response (area under the curve, AUC), fructose increased postprandial triglycerides 99.2%.


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I think raw, unfiltered honey is not in this same category as regular sugar because of the presence of pollen and other ingredients that boost its nutritional value. I would think coconut milk would be worse, sugar wise.

Comment by fasterpssycat

Actually, honey is pure fructose, so its probably not a good choice for more than occasional consumption if glucose/insulin level balance is your goal. The kind of coconut milk I use (Thai Kitchen) has about 1 gram of sugar per 2 oz serving, so it’s a pretty negligible amount and doesn’t adversely affect glucose levels.

Comment by grokette

Also, I have a hard time taking someone who claims that fruit is dangerous for your body seriously. I’ve started following the Mayo Healthy Body food pyramid, which is founded on no less than 3 fruit and 3 vegetable servings a day, but has them as limitless. There are too many nutrients in fruits for someone to credibly argue that those are what should be cut out of the diet, as opposed to cutting out the artificial, corn syrup laden processed sources. Raw honey has too many positives to cut it out of my diet. 🙂

Comment by fasterpssycat

Modern fruit is genetically modified to have higher sugar content than its wild counterparts, so again, if stable glucose/insulin levels are your goal, you want to eat them in moderation. I usually stick to berries, but if I’m in the mood for watermelon, I’m gonna have it. You don’t have to cut anything out of your diet that you enjoy; particularly when you’re choosing fruit over processed garbage. You’re well ahead of the curve already if you’ve begun to cut these foods out of your diet.

Comment by grokette

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