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HR 2749, Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009
July 12, 2009, 10:28 pm
Filed under: Food In The News, Political Activism, The Politics Of Food

Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009

This bill, HR 2749, is surreal. It would give the FDA far-reaching power to shut down food facilities and imposes large fines (from $100,000 for small producers to $7.5 million for corporations) and jail time. It could also affect small farms, backyard gardeners selling produce, and artisanal producers at farmer’s markets by regulating the way they produce or grow their items.

Thanks to Monica over at FA/RM for this important information regarding local farmers and produce. Once again, the heavy hand of government has decided they want to seize control of local farming. As a market anarchist myself, I already abhor government intervention in any aspect of my life. I’m anxious enough as it is about them getting involved in my healthcare, not to mention my food supply. Ten bucks says that ‘big ag’ is behind this. Do your research and take action by spreading the word. We want to keep our small farmers safe from oppressive legislation and takeover.


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